Silk Touch Eau de Parfum – 90 ml

Silk Touch is dedicated to sophisticated women who can depict the unforgetable sensation (and unique thrill) of wearing pure silk. Elegance, confidence and desire to try something different.

Max Mara Silk  Touch captures the seductive sensation of silk and the mild fragrance of the flowers of the silk tree.

This fragrance draws its inspiration from pure silk, one of the most elegant fibres known in the world of fashion. It is a symbolic fabric reminiscent of innate values, and has been in the heart of Max Mara from the very beginning.

The design of the bottle is distinguished by an elegant geometric shape combined with light that embodies the sensuality of the fragrance. A perfect blend of pure white and deep pink that evokes the thrill of silk.

Kashmina Touch Eau de Parfum – 90 ml

Just like an elegant cashmere coat, Max Mara Kashmina Touch envelopes women in absolute elegance and comfort.

Inspired by the sensual warmth of Cashmere, Kashmina Touch now enriches a ready-to-wear collection consisting of precious essences. It is for women who love the finest materials. An Oriental-Flowery fragrance by Max  Mara: luminous and tempting, feminine and subtle, intoxicating and sophisticated.

The fragrance brings out the amber-scented, subtle and enveloping notes of Cashmere wood. Its essential oil - one of perfumery’s oldest - accompanies the oriental notes with an unmistakable soft and sensual mood.

A delicate curved glass featuring subtle colour nuances: brown gradually diminishes from the lower part to first turn into amber and finally into pure transparency. A palette made up of the elegant and natural shades of Cashmere. An amber motif of rough threads of cashmere give the packaging movement and consistency.